Full Barrel [288 Bottles]

Full Barrel [288 Bottles]

3,979.55 4,189.00


This is the holy grail when it comes to making your own wine. You will be entitled to one entire barrel of your very own custom wine. From grape tasting in the summer, grape selection & harvest in the fall, to fermentation & racking over the winter, and then finally, bottling in the spring! This barrel can be split between up to 6 couples. This will grant all 6 couples full membership access. [Only $698 per couple when split between 6 couples!]

Cost Per Bottle: $14.54


  • Annual Winemakers Club Membership

  • Exclusive Events

  • Grape Selection & Crushing Workshop (October)

  • Hands-on Involvement & Lesson in Winemaking

  • Custom Bottle Labels

  • Wine Bottling & Corking Workshop (June)

  • Exclusive Cellar Access for Private Events

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